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[i'm leaving this one public because people told me they want to read it.]

senior trip was AMAZING. for real. i got to know a bunch of cool people a lot better. and i also got to hang out with my friends a whole lot. here it is in short bullet points::

+the ride down in mr. mez's car with mrs. bishop, catherine and shawn. awesome.
+crazy monopoly games.
+the "waterfall".
+paddleboats! ... except NOT. the "lake" was a dammed section of the river. LAME.
+card games.
+catch phrase with like 30 people... including mrs. bishop, mr. slighter and dr. watts
+talking around the fire. i got to know aubree a lot more.
+carnegie deli. LOTS of food. insane. amazing strawberry shortcake.
+my "bear sundae" from the food court thing. :o)
+karen, catherine and yolanda as roommates. <3 them.
+catherine: "if i didn't know yolanda doesn't drink i would seriously think she was drunk right now."
+elizabeth: "i'm bored, i need to go make out with someone."
+scrabble with mike, karen, jon sepp, tori, amanda and pat.
+mr. slighter's endless talks. AGAIN. at least they weren't about college. ha.
+so much mini golf. i dominated in the first game and sucked in the second one.
+pingpong, the air hockey table that didn't work, fooseball, etc. in the basement.
+playing pool with linds. <3.
+PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. amazing amazing amazing. would have been better if there weren't screaming children behind us though.
+random walks in the woods.
+lots of awesome pictures.
+YANX GOT SWEPT BY KANSAS CITY. [aka the worst team in baseball].
+russo's face after hearing of the aforementioned sweep. YES! :oD

so yes it was an amazing time. and i guess there is nothing left to say but this::

karen, catherine, mike, pat, shawn, nate russell, jen, amanda, nate hopley, sawyer, johnny russo, dan hemphill, yolanda, aubree, tori... thank you for an amazing four days. what a fitting end to an amazing four years. i love you all. see you on class day! :oD


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