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Got the 2007 Baseball Preview. Thought you'd be interested in seeing who they picked. Also there's the "10 worst" and "10 best" moves of the offseason.

AL East
1- Boston Red Sox (AL Champs)
2- New York Yankees
3- Toronto Blue Jays
4- Tampa Bay Devil Rays
5- Baltimore Orioles

AL Central
1- Detroit Tigers
2- Cleveland Indians (wild card)
3- Minnesota Twins
4- Chicago White Sox
5- Kansas City Royals

AL West
1- Los Angeles Angels
2- Oakland A's
3- Texas Rangers
4- Seattle Mariners

NL East
1- New York Mets
2- Philadelphia Phillies (wild card)
3- Florida Marlins
4- Atlanta Braves
5- Washington Nationals

NL Central
1- Cincinnati Reds
2- Houston Astros
3- St. Louis Cardinals
4- Milwaukee Brewers
5- Chicago Cubs
6- Pittsburgh Pirates

NL West
1- Los Angeles Dodgers (World Series champs)
2- San Diego Padres
3- San Francisco Giants
4- Arizona Diamondbacks
5- Colorado Rockies


1- Yankees retain manager Joe Torre for 2007 season
2- Red Sox sign pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka for six years, $52 million
3- Los Angeles Dodgers sign pitcher Jason Schmidt for three years, $47 million
4- Blue Jays re-sign centerfielder Vernon Wells for seven years, $126 million
5- Cardinals re-sign pitcher Chris Carpenter for five years, $65 million
6- Red Sox don't trade outfielder Manny Ramirez
7- Devil Rays sign third baseman Akinori Iwamura for three years, $7.7 million
8- Mets sign outfielder Moises Alou for one year, $8.5 million
9- Dodgers sign pitcher Randy Wolf for one year, $8 million
10- Yankees trade outfielder Gary Sheffield to Tigers for pitchers Humberto Sanchez, Kevin Whelan, and Anthony Claggett

1- Giants sign pitcher Barry Zito for seven years, $126 million
2- Astros sign outfielder Carlos Lee for six years, $100 million
3- Angels sign outfielder Gary Mathews, Jr. for five years, $50 million
4- Dodgers sign outfielder Juan Pierre for five years, $44 million
5- Cubs sign outfielder Alfonso Soriano for eight years, $136 million
6- Cubs sign pitcher Jason Marquis for three years, $28 million
7- Angels sign first baseman Shea Hillenbrand for one year, $6.5 million
8- Mariners trade outfielder Chris Snelling and pitcher Emiliano Frutosign to Nationals for second baseman Jose Vidro
9- Rangers sign pitcher Vincente Padilla for three years, $34 million
10- Royals sign pitcher Gil Meche for five years, $55 million

What do you think? Right? Wrong? Talk amongst yourselves.

A few thoughts:
*Dodgers as WS champs?
*Yankees miss the playoffs?
*Mets win NL East despite losing Pedro until the All-Star break?
*Cubs spend, spend, spend and still lose?
*Red Sox finally win the AL East?
*Phillies make the playoffs? (That sound you just heard was Leanne laughing...)
*Will Bronson Arroyo be ace-like again for the Reds? (my gut says no)
*Will the Marlins have another "magic carpet ride" of a season?

And the most important question...
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